Privacy policy

You are using this app as an employee or contractor of the logistics company that is recorded as the client in the settings.

We process your data on behalf of this company.

Your status reports on the freight you are transporting, photographs of proofs of delivery taken via the app, and the position data of your smartphone during a working time specified by your employer or customer are recorded.

If the app is closed, neither order data nor position data will be transferred.

You can object to the use of your position data with your employer or customer.

The position data is deleted from the assigned logistics application after 24 hours. The assignment of your person to the cargo transported by you is handled in accordance with DSGVO, if necessary supplemented by requirements of the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt) for secure cargo.

All transmitted data is temporarily stored on an intermediary server before it is transferred to the logistics application of your employer or customer. After the data has been transferred, it is deleted from the intermediary server.

As the operator of this app, we do not collect any data about your use of the app ourselves.

For any questions about this app, please contact your employer or customer or us:

ITF Ingenieurbüro

Thomas Friedmann
Am Wehrhaus 16a
67269 Grünstadt